About Us

There’s a need for personalized skincare, education and treatment in a comfortable, private environment.

My Commitment is that of Quality & Service – to provide all the high-end amenities, product and care, in a beautiful studio salon, without the extra costs or complexities of a Vegas-styled Spa.

My goal is to tailor to the client’s specific needs. Each client will receive an initial interview and receive feedback during and after treatment. Unique skin types deserve unique attention. I want to achieve a friendship status with my clients to make the experience more comfortable and to be open to opinions and ideas about your own personalized skincare.


Brittany & Her Boys

Brittany & Her Boys

Brittany Wood owns and operates Pelle Nuda Esthetics.

She currently holds an esthetician license, issued by the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and has been practicing professionally since 2006.

She believes everyone’s skin is unique and deserves specific care. Using only top-quality product and modern techniques, you will be pampered and pleased.

Email: Brittany@PelleNuda.nu
Phone: 530-713-6464